Our Story

Solmaz Food established its original business in 2001 as a small butcher and grocery store in Danforth and Pape Avenue in Toronto. The founder, Tahsin Solmaz, highly skilled butcher, started his business with his son, Mehmet Solmaz, using his own created recipes and his specialties soujok (sucuk), pastirma , kofta (kofte). Tahsin has been a butcher since 1965.He started as a butcher in downtown district of Ankara. He improved his skills by working hard and learning the hardest way. He decided to move to Istanbul in 1980, and opened his own butcher shop. His excellence in customer service and skills helped him to grow rapidly in his business. He opened his 2nd store in high traffic shopping district of downtown in Istanbul. His eldest son, Mehmet Solmaz, joined him and started to work with him after graduating from high school. Mehmet followed his father’s path and learned the details of butchering. Mehmet’s passion helped the business to develop the prepared meat products and presenting them.

Solmaz family immigrated to Canada in 2001.Shortly after Tahsin opened his shop in Danforth Avenue. His son, Mehmet developed small wholesale meat business to restaurants and noticed the needs of Halal meat products in the market. They started to prepare halal meat products such as ready chicken and beef doner,shawarma and kebabs. The following years Mehmet decided to go on processed meat production and with the experience of his father, he had a vision of prepared halal meat products in Toronto and GTA market.

At 2007, they opened their processing facility in Mississauga, Ontario. Starting this new business was a difficult experience, but working hard and experience in the business helped them to get through the difficulties.

At 2012 Tahsin’s younger son, Faik Solmaz, and his son-in-law, Yurt Gedikoglu, joined the business. Solmaz Food started to produce traditional Turkish sausage, soujok (sucuk) and pastirma. They also started to produce Doner for restaurants with all Halal approved ingredients. Their product quality and service let them to do other products at manufacturing level. Solmaz extended their deli products from 5 kinds to over 50 different unique varieties. Their recipes and knowledge expanded the food service products too.

In 2015 , Solmaz continued to grow and developed its manufacturing line with the latest technology and equipment. Today company’s president, Mehmet Solmaz, leads the family business with his passion of meat products. His ideas came to reality and created many different Halal meat products. He is committed to grow and to serve the best Halal approved meat products.