Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Solmaz Foods uses nitrites in their deli products as well as having products that does not contain nitrites.
Nitrate (NO3) is present in all green leafy vegetables and with the help of healthy bacteria is broke down to Nitrite (NO2), which exits in its chemical form as sodium nitrite or in its natural form in celery juice extract. Nitrite (NO2) in meat is used for curing and preserving and also gives cured meats their pink color.
No, Solmaz Foods sources all raw meat materials from HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified meat processors and CFIA or OMAFRA inspected facilities.
Solmaz deli products will stay fresh for 4 to 5 days after opening if kept refrigerated and well wrapped.
Solmaz Food complies all the necessary procedures and controls that is required by the government inspections. Solmaz Food also takes further steps to improve and develop its food safety procedures and controls. Solmaz Food has developed its own unique full traceability software system EGETECH that can start to control the raw meats and other ingredients from receiving to processing, cooking to packaging and shipping. We have 100% full control of all the ingredients that is going into our products.
Solmaz takes seriously cleaning and sanitizing practices and commit to do proper steps of cleaning and sanitizing the facility. Solmaz has special team who does the cleaning and sanitizing end of the every production day. All production lines and equipment clean with proper chemicals (approved by CFIA) and inspected at the end of the cleaning. The next day, before Solmaz starts production, all areas and equipment checked and inspected prior to production as well as we micro-swap our food contact surfaces on a weekly basis to ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing of all food contact surfaces.